Beyonce and Manyang

Beyonce for HHSP

HHSP has grabbed major media attention that has helped to spread awareness to thousands. International music superstar and actress, Beyoncé Knowles, took notice of HHSP’s work, which educated her on the issue. Knowles invited Manyang to the World Humanitarian Day event in New York City on August 19, 2012 to further intercultural dialogue.



  1. Heather
    January 10, 2017

    Could you educate me on what percentage of purchases the refugees will see as opposed to all other administrative costs. This is something in which we would be very interested in supporting.

    Heather McDavid

    • admin
      January 12, 2017

      Hi Heather, as an organization we strive for a 70/30 balance whereby our overhead is 30% and our programs take up 70% of all contributions. 734 Coffee in particular, in it’s first year is projected to be contribute 20% from revenue this would be after all COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). If you have more questions and or have unique ways in which you would like to help us, please feel free to get in touch at We are happy to talk about many of the plans we have for 2017.

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